Know Safety. No Incidents.


Safety and Security project success is dependent upon maintaining a safe and incident-free workplace.

AIM World Services’ “Know Safety, No Incidents” program underscores our commitment to safety through continual monitoring and personnel/team rewards for zero incident projects.

Our Ongoing Safety Training Includes:

  • Daily Standup Tailgates at the start of each work shift
  • Weekly Toolbox Talks: OSHA safety training consistent with current activities
  • Weekly Supervisor/Foremen meetings to review Activity Hazards
  • Assessments (AHAs) and the techniques and tactics to mitigate incidents
  • Illustrative OSHA Safety Bulletins featured on our Site Bulletin Boards
  • AIM’s Security Policies and Procedures are implemented throughout the course of the contract. During orientation, all employees are trained on security protocols, including awareness to identify and report potential threats.