Case Studies

Puerto Rico – Disaster Recovery and Rebuild

Project Overview:

In support of the Disaster Recovery and Relief efforts in Puerto Rico following the destruction left by Hurricane Maria, which had devastated the island late September 2017, AIM deployed an Expeditionary Team to Puerto Rico within hours of the reopening of the San Juan airport. Five days later, AIM’s senior management from Houston and Dubai augmented the initial team to support assessments, source local vendors, and recruit local personnel.

With boots-on-the ground, AIM was able to fully assess conditions and available resources. This initial team identified equipment, vehicle, and supply vendors, sourced and vetted local candidates, and on-boarded supervisory personnel to support anticipated recovery efforts. One week after arrival to Puerto Rico, AIM was awarded a Waste Management contract under DynCorp International’s LOGCAP IV program to support three U.S. Military man camps at three separate locations. Camp totals: 1000, 1200, and 1500. We executed the contract within 12 hours from award. As a result of successful contract execution, within two days from this initial task award, AIM was issued two modifications to include vector control and miscellaneous procurements and services to support disaster recovery efforts. Following disaster recovery, and as rebuilding efforts began, AIM was issued 12 additional modifications which amounted to 163,000 manhours over an 18-month period.