COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Providing rapid response to America’s need in a time of crisis

AIM World Services is positioned to support America in its time of need. We bring expertise in addressing over 150 contingency operations and Public Health Emergencies including the Ebola crisis in Liberia. Ready to mobilize and deploy personnel, equipment and facilities, AIM is where you need us.

  • Nationwide and Global Support
  • Quarantine Facility Provisions and Installations
  • Conversion of Existing Buildings to Medical Facilities
  • Sanitation and Cleaning of Facilities
  • Provision and Installation of Ancillary Temporary Facilities (showers, hot water hand wash stations, bathrooms, laundry, storage, administration buildings)
  • Custodial Services Consistent with CDC, WHO, and U.S. Military Medical Standards
  • Food and Catering Services
  • Logistics and Procurement

About AIM World Services

Established in Houston, Texas in 1997, AIM World Services, Incorporated provides turnkey solutions and scalable services to its Oil & Gas and Federal customers worldwide. Often working in the most challenging environments, AIM has operated in 45+ countries rapidly responding to contingency and emergency situations. Their service offerings include talent acquisition, housing and catering services, workforce administration, construction, facilities operations and maintenance, and procurement and logistics support, among other services.

For more information about AIM World Services go to or call (281) 847-2000.

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